• Rosie R.C.

24h in Sydney

“Only 24h rest after such a long flight?”

I know, I know. For non flyers this sounds like mission impossible, but for a cabin crew this is a routine. Combining being jet lag with a smile it’s definitely our super power !

Sydney it is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world. Right now I am drinking my black tea next to the Opera House and breathing in the smell of the ocean breeze . There is nothing compared to the feeling of exploring a city on your own.

From a cabin crew’s point a view I would say that the flight to Sydney it’s a busy one, very long and it might be challenging. But personally I enjoy even the flight itself as the passengers are very polite and friendly. Also during this flight the crew will get a rest, so we get to sleep for a bit.

I arrived around 8 Sydney local time.

After checking in the hotel , I took a quick shower, changed my clothes and met my crew team 30 minutes later . Almost the whole set of crew went out as we had an amazing team, even some of the flight deck crew joined us.

Luckily, the hotel it’s 30 minutes walking away from the Opera House so we simply walked there.

Of course I didn’t had enough clothes with me so I was freezing as in Australia it’s winter right now ( Rosie being Rosie ). So I used a classic method to warm up a bit, I had a glass of champagne when we reached Opera House.

Opera House was beautifuly lightning as there is an event going on “Lightning if the Sails “.

Check my Instagram reels as I took a short nice clear video!

We had dinner next to the Ocean, enjoying the beautiful view of the city.

I really enjoyed last night out with my set of crew, this being my first layover after the Pandemic.

I reached the hotel after a long walk, I was extremely tired but before going to bed I had a long shower, did my skin care routine and prepared my suitcases and uniform for tomorrow.

This morning I woke up very early ( my body doesn’t really know what time it is actually) but I’m still proud of myself for waking up !

I had breakfast in my room and then I left to the Opera House again.

On my way I choose another route, going through the Royal Botanical Garden.

For a nature lover like me, this is like walking through the garden of Eden. So many plants, flowers, trees, birds, insects and little animals!

I came close by to some parrots and they surrounded me, they came so close that they climbed on me and let me pet them . If there is one thing that I love the most, this is my relationship with the animals.

That’s another reason for loving Australia!

I’m about to go back to the hotel, but first I’ll make some groceries to take with me back in Abu Dhabi.

Crew Tips : -Laser hair removal it is very cheap in Australia, maybe one of the cheapest in the world. Most of crew are coming here to do it.

Also buying vitamins and supplements it’s very good here, they are high quality and affordable.

My plan is to sleep for the next 8 hours to be ready for my flight to Abu Dhabi.

See you soon in my next layover !

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